Class 1

Welcome to Class 1

Hello Class One,

I have enjoyed seeing your work and photographs that have been sent to me already this week. Please keep them coming! Remember to check out the fantastic work from home to see how your friends are getting on.

When you go on your daily walk or bike ride  look up at the trees, amazing things are happening. I walked past a horse chestnut tree ( conker ) and noticed the large sticky leaf buds are opening.
I can see a bird's nest high up in a tree that is growing near to my house, a pair of magpies are very busy building somewhere safe for the female to lay her eggs. Soon I will not be able to see the nest as the leaves will come out of their buds, hide the nest from view and give it some shade from the sun, wind and the rain. I also noticed quite a few big bumble bees ( the wild bees that look like stripy little pom poms) even though it is chilly outside. Nature is wonderful!

I am missing you all, stay safe and remember to keep smiling,

love Mrs Dewhurst 

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