Non Curriculum Policies

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Absence management guidelines Aug 2019

Absence - Managing staff absence caused by extreme unpredictable weather conditions jan 2017

Accessibility plan 2017

Admissions 2019-2020

Admissions 2020-2021

Admissions 2021-2022

AGT Policy written 2018

Anti-bullying Policy

Alcohol and Drug abuse policy - Jan 18

Appraisal for teachers Policy 2017

Appraisal for support staff 2017

Attendance of children Sept 2017

Attendance and absence of staff policy Joint

Behaviour Management

Breastfeeding at work guidelines 2017

Bullying & Harassment policy April 2017

Care and Control of Pupils Jan 2018

Capability Procedures for support staff 2017

Capability procedures for teachers policy 2017

Charging and Remissions Policy

Collective Worship policy

Disciplinary & Dismissal procedure for Teachers Jan 18

Disciplinary & Dismissal Procedure for support staff November 2017

Disposal of Assets written Feb 2016

E-safety Policy

Equalities Policy

Educational Visits Policy and guidelines 2019-2022

Grievance Procedure - Support Staff August 2017

Grievance Procedure - Teachers August 2017


Health and safety policy 2019

Inclusion Policy

Internal consistencies-non negotiables

Internal Financial regulations 2019-20

Intimate care and toileting Policy


Lettings policy 2019-20

Long term sickness Absence Procedure Aug 2019

Medicines in School Policy

Pay Policy 2019-20

Policies and procedures for making complaints - Sept 19

Privacy Notice for pupils 2018

Privacy notice for school workforce 2018

Repeated short term absence policy Aug 19

Safeguarding and Child Protection 2018

SEND Policy 2015

Severe weather policy

SRE policy Nov 2017

Smoke Free Policy


Staff Code of Conduct Policy

Statement of ethical standards Policy

Stress Policy and Guidance

Sun Awareness Policy

Use of Social Media Policy

Violence & Aggression (children) in Schools policy 2014

Violence & Aggression (adults) in Schools policy 2014t 2017

Whistle-Blowing Policy